I often receive emails from clients who have just started their business or who are looking to start a business. Their first question is: where do I start with my marketing? My answer is always: with your logo design.

Your logo is the face of your business. It’s the easily identifiable marker that allows everyone else in the world to know that it’s YOU. It’s easy to be tempted into jumping into business cards to get your information out there, or a website so people can find you. But without a logo, how will they recognize you?

The great thing about logo design is that once it’s complete – all the other design elements tend to fall into place. A logo helps to set the tone for fonts, colors, layout, and additional design elements for all of your marketing pieces.

This isn’t to say that once you have a logo, you’re locked into a specific marketing schematic. But it really does help. For instance – if you know that you have a particular affinity for vertical layouts, a horizontal logo may make that difficult for a designer to work within. Having that information ahead of time will allow your logo designer, or me, to create a logo that will function well in any medium and orientation that pleases you.

Spire Home Health Agency Logo

The second question I receive is: how much is a logo going to cost me. Well, that depends. When I was in school we were instructed to START logo design at $500 for a single concept. Trust me, that is not what I charge. Yes, a logo is the spotlight of your brand and business and should cost more for that recognition and the skill needed to create something timeless, iconic, and recognizable; however, unless you’re planning on becoming the next big fortune-500 company, I think that a logo should be affordable and attainable to even the smallest of businesses.

I offer three different logo options to all of my clients who are seeking to complete this first step in their branding/marketing process. While they do increase in price, they afford the client the option to maintain their vision and their budget – all while retaining a quality service and identity.

  • Option 1: Single logo design based on your sketch, colors, and chosen fonts.
  • Option 2: Single, unique logo design based on collected information with unlimited revisions to font style and color.
  • Option 3: Three, unique logo designs based on collected information with unlimited revisions to font style and color of chosen design (can mix-n-match elements from other designs).

Branding yourself really should be this simple.

The third question I get is: how do I start? Well, that part is up to me. As your designer, I will ask you a series of questions to get to know you and your business. I’ll also ask some relatively superficial questions to get a good idea of your design preferences, including: what is your least favorite color. The information gathered from our conversation will help guide me in creating the best possible brand identity/logo for you and your company.

And finally, the most important question of all: will I get all of the files I need to create other materials? Absolutely! You’ve taken the first step in putting your best digital face forward. You’ve gathered ideas, you’ve contacted designers, you’ve approved your design – they are now yours! Slap them everywhere. On everything you do, everything you create, and everywhere you go.

This is how great branding starts and great marketing follows. I hope, if you’re in the market for a new logo, an updated logo, or a recreated logo that you’ll contact me…

for something a little more… you!