hey! you’ve got questions and i’ve got answers … here are just a few of the most common questions i get and their answers. awesome, right?!

Do you ever capitalize your sentences?
Hardly ever. I write like I talk and my brain moves faster than my fingers (which move pretty fast) so it’s easier for me to ignore that pesky “shift key” unless I really have to. (also, i really like the look of lower case letters) 😀

Elipses, really?
… yes, of course … …

i love elipses...

What kind of design services do you provide?
My services are wide ranging from logo design to business card design to web design and everything AWESOME in between.

What kind of clients do you accept?
All kinds. My clients range from christian organizations to tattoo parlors, from Florida to California and back again. It takes a lot to offend me, so unless I deem it inappropriate or heinous, shoot me an email, and I’ll see what I can do for you.

What do you charge for your services?
I provide a formal proposal for each project based on their unique requirements. My minimum fees range from $55 – $100/hour based on the project type.

What is the communication with the client during the design process?
I try to stay on top of communication every step of the way. If I have questions, an idea, or I’ve hit a wall an email is sent out letting you know of the progress.

What is the best way to contact you?
Email. Email is the very best way to touch base with me. I schedule my days very tightly so I can multi-task to accomplish all of my projects in the most efficient manner possible. When I have to stop and answer the phone, I can’t continue to multi-task. Also, I hate having a full inbox so I make sure to clear it out every day – you’re guaranteed to get a response from me via email 3x as fast as a phone call.

i prefer email RE: awesomeness

How are proofs received?
Print proofs are sent via email, or a secure server link in PDF format – often in low-resolution until completion of project. Websites are hosted on my server and proofed with a direct link until all tweaks are made, and you are ready to go live.

How will I receive my design project once it is complete?
Unless otherwise requested, I will provide either a link to a secure server for download of all files, or a I will send a DVD/CD will all components of your design to you. Please Note: All files are only turned over upon completion of payment.

Who owns the copyright to the design once it is complete and paid for?
The copyright is yours upon completion of payment. I only reserve the right to use the design within my portfolio.

copyright is all yours

Do you require a deposit?
Yes. Projects less than $200 require full-payment deposit. Projects over $200 require a 50% deposit before work begins. Upon completion of work the remainder of the invoice amount is due before files are turned over.

Do you do rush jobs?
Because of my typical turn around, rush jobs are what are expected of me. If however, it is required that I rush the rush job, an additional 50% rush fee will be added to the original proposal amount or final invoice (per project).

What kind of websites do you offer?
Currently I offer informational, CMS (client managed), blog and e-commerce sites, all powered by wordpress.org, all responsive – complete with basic SEO.

What kind of website services (ie. hosting, domains) do you offer?
At this time, I only offer website design, maintenance and any technical support I can provide. In order to ensure that you always own 100% of your project once it is complete, I do not set up or purchase hosting or domain names – though I do highly recommend Hostmonster or Bluehost for both of these services.

What types of payment do you accept?
Currently I accept check, money order and money transfer via western union, as well as credit card payments via Paypal and Google Wallet.

Do you accept payment plans?
If a payment plan has been agreed upon during the proposal stage of the project, I don’t have any problem with them. A payment plan afterwards would result in having to have a new proposal signed and on file. I accept a minimum of $250/month for any payment plan set up. Please note – if a payment plan is in place, no project will released until final payment is made.

flexible invoicing

When are invoices due?
Deposits are due with the receipt of the signed proposal. Invoices for complete projects are due two weeks after receipt, unless a payment plan has been worked out. For publications, half of the estimated page count fee is due once work begins – the final half is due before printer reception. For websites, the final invoice amount is due before the editing bible and passwords are provided.

What happens if I don’t or can’t pay?
I will try my best to exhaust all options in this scenerior – however, after 45 days of a past due invoice, your statements will be turned over to a collections agency or small claims court.

Are you always so … awesome?
Yes. Yes I am!