so, you wanna know more about notobella designs and Sara? okay!


the professional stuff…

My design philosophy is equal parts fun and functionality.

My personal work incorporates every influence, from Asian art to hip 50’s retro, but I balance all that with a sense of clean, efficient minimalism. I combine a sense of fun experimentation with a tireless work ethic that I look forward to offering to all my clients. I believe that artistry and functionality can go hand in hand. My greatest ability as a designer, which I look so forward to offering to you, is this sense of balance.

This balance is further reflected in my work ethic: all my clients can look forward to a professional relationship based on honesty, respect, and accountability.

To the end of being the most competent, efficient, and versatile designer possible, I use all industry standard design technology for creating publications, flyers, posters, logos, ads, and more.

I am proficient in InDesignCS4, PhotoshopCS4, IllustratorCS4, DreamweaverCS4, OpenOffice, WordPress, HTML & CSS, MailChimp, MadMimi, and ConstantContact.

Whether in print or online, I hope you’ll return to notobella designs, llc …
for something a little more… you!

twofisteddesigner the fun stuff…

Hi! I’m Sara ^ yeah, that’s me up there … and < over there.

I’m a huge geek! I love reading, staying at home playing video games and making up stories about my animals. I’m a bit of a fan girl and my vacations every year are taken at comic conventions (which are AWESOME, by the way).

Aside from notobella designs, I keep my hands busy writing for multiple blogs, crafting multiple crafts, petting multiple pets, and playing multiple video games.

I love tattoos (and have many of them), cheetos, bubbles and pinwheels, but not necessarily in that order. I also have an addiction to yarn and crayons – though those are not acceptable forms of payment.